Cute family hugging in back yard - Northern minnesota family photos

These pictures from my trip to Springfield, Missouri had me feeling a certain type of way

Hello, hello! It’s mid-July, and I’ve been running around all summer like my tail’s on fire and there’s a drought. Felix and I had planned to make a trip to Missouri to visit family, but we had to bump up our trip due to a funeral. This threw our entire summer plans into chaos, but that’s OKAY! I managed to visit with my family in Springfield which made my heart really happy.


You see, my sister Liz passed away 8 years ago, and I have been missing her kids. It has been some time since I managed to make a trip to spend some time with them, and I wasn’t about to leave MO without doing so! So Felix and I made the four hour trip to see as many of them as we could.


One of the things I’ve learned while living on a reservation in Northern Minnesota (just north of Duluth!) is that in Ojibwe culture, when your grandma passes away, her sisters step in to become grandma to you. I have to admit, the first time I heard this, I had prickles in my eyes, because Felix never got to meet his grandma. His auntie Jacque told him to call her grandma without hesitation and I swear, I could feel love coming off of her in waves as she enveloped him in a big bear hug! I thought this was beautiful and told my nieces. If their babies ever need an honorary grandma, I’m all for it!

When I visited, I knew I wanted to get lots of pictures of them all, especially the newest grandbaby – I knew my sister would have been over the MOOOOON to meet her. What made them more special (excuse me, I’ve got prickles in my eyes again) is that I took them in my sisters backyard. And yeah, that’s the moon in the background. Which is also special, because, as my husband always calls the moon Nookomis, which means grandmother. I like to think my sister is looking down lovingly on my niece and her babies.



If you really love these relaxed style family photos, why not hit me up so we can plan a little sesh of you with your littles, too!

Let’s make some memories!






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