Let your personality shine

with professional studio portraits

Whether you are looking for sultry headshots to update your dating profile, or business casual images to add to your CV, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you plan out a session with the perfect backdrop, lighting scenario, and pose to help you stand out above all others.

Setting a whole mood

with expert studio lighting

Our photographer Mel is well known for her lighting abilities. Her humble beginnings consisted of using work lights and a sheet. Luckily she didn’t burn anything down, but the results from this certainly lit a fire within her to learn more.


As her knowledge grew, she tested all sorts of strobes and modifiers, teaching herself how to sculpt portraits like an artist, with the camera as her canvas.


Eventually, she began teaching others how to achieve the same results with her premiere course: Lumen. She’s always up for a challenge, and it’s safe to say she lights up a room everywhere she goes.

Studio Sessions

everything you need


These sessions are great for any professional. Share your image on your website, in press releases, publications, and social media profiles, your CV, or anywhere your professional identity needs representation.

Brand Identity

These sessions help entrepreneurs and bloggers develop trust with their followers. A strong brand identity sets your business apart from your competition. Build hype for your services, and be recognizable with a custom session!


Anything you can imagine for your business. From interior shots to product images, to styled food photography for your restaurant menu, we're here to help your business stand out professionally.


Showcase your bump and your maternal curves in the most flattering way. These sessions are great as a pick-me-up during your pregnancy. We can even throw in a little boudoir poses. Feel beautiful, swollen feet and all.

Extended Family

Need a great multi-generational image? We've got you covered. Consistent lighting and backdrops allow us to photograph your ever-growing extended family with occasional updates. Invite us to the reunion today!


We'll take pictures for literally any reason. Grandma celebrating her 80th birthday? We'll snap a headshot for you. For everything from breastfeeding pictures to their first sports win, we're ready to capture it for you.

Personality Shots

Have a kiddo with too much personality to fit in the yearly school photo? We know exactly what to do! We can keep it simple to show all of your expressions, or we can jazz it up with bold color choices or sparkles in the background. The sky is the limit!


If your dream is to look like a superstar, this is for you. Or maybe your little one is competing in a beauty pageant (spoiler alert - our pictures always win!) We'll even help you decide what to wear and bring our studio fan for Beyonce concert level hair. Bring on the glam!


Sultry and sensual, these sessions are great for treating yourself to something truly special. Dress up, or wear as little as you like. We'll use light to accentuate every wonderful curve of your body in a tasteful and timeless way. It's also great for couples!

North - Central Minnesota's

Full service studio

Clearly, we have a big love for studio lighting and seamless backdrops. There’s just something about the way it lets us showcase our subjects personality without a lot of fuss.


We’ve been invited to create artwork for everything from best selling book covers, to billboards. If you’re in the Iron Range area, you may have seen these billboards with our work splashed across them.

Our ability to pick up our gear and go makes it easy to get big results, even in smaller spaces. We’ve set up in homes, businesses, government buildings, and even Pow Wows.


Just show us where to go upon arrival, and we’ll start setting up our gear. Once we’ve finished, we’ll pack it all away again and clean up after ourselves like we were never there.

Original Max Edit
Professional editing

Your images. Your way.

Everyone wants to look their best. The trouble with that is, what’s best is subjective. Some of our clients choose to love their bodies, regardless of their shape or scars. We think that is bold, brave, and beautiful.


Others have always dreamed of a moment where they felt like an airbrushed superstar. They love editing to the max, with enhancements to slim and sculpt the visage of their dreams. We think this is also bold, brave, and beautiful.


Many others vote for something in between.


The level of editing treatment your images will receive is entirely up to you. We’ll work with you to help you figure out what’s best if you can’t decide!

Studio lighting

on location

Have we mentioned that our studio gear is ready to go anywhere in the state of Minnesota? Your favorite waterfall? We’re already there. Downtown? Say less.

Armed with a power pack and a weighted light stand, we’re ready to take our light to any place you can imagine. We’ll make even your local park look amazing. What we create is only limited to our imaginations.

Isabelle D.
Read More
She took the most gorgeous maternity and newborn pictures for me and I couldn’t be more in love with them. She’s fun and amazing to work with and makes you feel comfortable and at ease when doing your pictures, and she’s also fantastic when it comes to taking pictures of your babies and kiddos. I strongly suggest looking at her work and considering a session! You won’t have any regrets about it if you do have her take your pictures, but if you pass her up you’ll wish you hadn’t! 😆
Elisa D.
Read More
It's been awhile but she did my sons newborn pictures. Was very creative and got some adorable pictures. Highly recommend 👌 👍 👏 🙌 😀 😊 amazing work!!
Crystal H.
Read More
Mel always does an incredible job with our pictures! I love her work, she really takes her time making everything perfect ❤️
Jess W.
Read More
Mel is amazing! She makes it all look effortless, and makes everyone feel so comfortable. My 2 and 3 year olds have fantastic pictures now and I'm just amazed at them. Her work is just astonishing!
Melanie J.
Read More
Absolute best photographer you will find. My youngest is a HANDFUL! She worked with him, let him look through the camera and mess with it a little bit to where he got comfortable around her. Took time out to discuss what the kids liked and really kept them interested, while getting them to pose and get some of the most adorable pictures of my kids. Amazing with children. Sweetest soul you will find! And the picture quality? Well, it speaks for itself! If you’re needing pictures done I would 100% recommend Fairfeather Art. You will NOT be disappointed.
Olivia B.
Read More
Best experience I have ever had with a photographer! She captured the most amazing photos of my family and the session was SO fun. She was really able to capture my kids real personalities and I am so grateful. She does amazing work! ❤️
Suzanne L.
Read More
So happy with the photos we got taken of our 4 month old! This photographer does a great job!
Monique B.
Read More
1000000/10 recommend Mel!! she does amazing work for a great amount of $$$ she’s also an AMAZING personal hype woman if ur shy like myself 💗💗💗
Shaina B.
Read More
Had such a fun photo shoot! Mel is able to get everyone involved to catch great photos. She has great ideas also and would recommend her to anyone if they want to capture awesome memories!!
Cecil S.
Read More
Needs more stars, five just doesn’t do it. We LOVE the photos She did of our baby and plan to book a family shoot very soon. She is an awesome person who is easy to work with, patient and VERY good at what she does. I personally have used "professional" photographers a few times and trust me she blows them all away. Plus she kept even my fussy baby feeling comfortable. I couldn’t be happier.
Megan P.
Read More
Love her work. She did a good job getting my daughter to cooperate.
Tiffany L.
Read More
I love every picture that she has done. I cant wait to do more!
Julie R.
Read More
Mel is the best!!! She has done our family photos twice and I am proud to say we will never go to anyone else!!
Shane C.
Read More
I love her images! Her attention to detail will impress and her props will complement the style and mood perfectly. You will be so glad you called or visited her website.
Mallory L.
Read More
Not only is Mel extremely professional and talented, she is just overall welcoming and will go out of her way to make sure you get the pictures you want. Between kids, boudoir, maternity, and soon newborn pictures I can’t even imagine having anyone else take care of our pictures.
Carl and Tisha D.
Read More
It's clear that Mel cares about her customers most. We were expecting a stuffy studio, but were pleasantly surprised when she told us she could bring her setup to us. It was more personal and so comfortable. Mel is a riot! We loved that her website and pricing was all very straightforward with zero surprises. Her work is superb. She went above and beyond to deliver and the results are easy to see every day on our walls!
Brittany M.
Read More
She is the absolute best! She is great with kids and dads that dont like to take pictures. If you want a good picture let her take them!!
Grace H.
Read More
We loved everything she did for our baby. She had outfits and props ready and we had a chance to relax. It was very easy to see that our little Taylor was in good hands. Mel is a for real baby whisperer!
Jennifer K.
Read More
Mel is amazing! Did an amazing job on my maternity & newborn photos. The way she works with babies, I must call her the baby guru.
Adeline K.
Read More
Mel did such a fabulous job with our baby, soothing him and making sure he was always warm and comfortable. I still can't believe how expertly she posed him and how beautiful the images turned out. She is a true professional!

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