POV: You’re a summer baby, and wild strawberries grow in the park near your house in Nett Lake, Minnesota.

Honestly, Aleena’s birthday snuck up on me. I don’t know how, but this summer seems like it has been even crazier around here in the Bois Forte neck of the woods. It’s almost like we’ve been making up for lost time, so we’re cramming everything in while we can.

So when Ash reminded me that Aleena’s birthday was coming up, I was scrambling to throw this set together. Obviously, I was late, but we made it happen anyway. Better late than cakesmashless, I always say!!! Okay, I don’t say that, but I think I’ll adopt it as a mantra. Because cake.

Anyway, strawberries grow wild up here in the northern wilds of Minnesota. Nestled between our homes, right smack dab in the big woods, is a darling little park that all the neighborhood kids love to visit. When the bears aren’t using the slides, of course.

When I discovered the tiny berries blanketing the ground, I pointed them out to the girls. Naturally, they picked every last one they could find, declaring them the most delicious.

It was this that inspired the theme for Aleena. That, and the fact that strawberries are my favorite fruit, and I could eat mountains of them. So here we are. Enjoy!

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Now that you’ve peeked at these, why not hit this link below and contact me to make sure your baby gets to have epic first birthday memories too!

Let’s make some memories!





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