Gentle Posing

There’s something delightful about discovering your new baby’s personality quirks. Even the tiniest baby arrives with their own set of likes and dislikes. With a great deal of patience and tender care, your baby is always posed in ways that are comfortable as well as cute.


My place or yours?

Relax in the comfort of your own home while I work, or if you’re up for it, come to mine. Either way, your photos will still have the same studio quality.


It’s all in the details

Your baby is special. Nobody can deny it. And special babies deserve extra attention to all the details. That’s why I partner with only the best prop vendors to bring the zing to every session.
You say the perfect prop for your baby doesn’t exist yet? I’ve got fabric, flowers, buttons, and imagination.

Certifiably Safe

Safety is always a top priority when it comes to your precious little one. Your photographer has over ten years of newborn posing, training and experience. So you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the show. Your new bundle is in good hands.

Dressing Baby

Is your baby swimming in all their clothes? There’s no need to agonize over how to dress baby for pictures. I keep a huge selection of clothing, wraps and headbands on hand. So you can focus on enjoying your experience instead of searching for something that actually fits.

When to book

Book early if you can. I’ll pencil in your due date as a tentative session date. Since babies come when they’re good and darn well ready, shuffling schedules is all part of the process. Booking early guarantees plenty of room around your due date to fit you in.

Outdoor Newborn

Are you up for an adventure? During the warmer months, you have the option to take some of your baby’s pictures out in the elements. With a changing landscape, these one-of-a-kind sessions always stand out from the rest. Mention it to me when you book so I can plan ahead.

Heirloom Props

Please bring your heirloom items. I’m serious. There’s nothing sweeter than a brand new babe snuggled up with the quilt great-grams stitched by hand. Show off your ancestry. Bring on the mementos.

Which type of session is right for you?

Baby’s First Year


They’re only this little for such a little while. Celebrate your little one with a year filled with photo sessions. Pre-book and save!


Classic Newborn


Classic newborn sessions can include parent or siblings and a variety of props and poses. These are perfect for those who want ALL THE THINGS and really just can’t get enough pictures of their squish.


Newborn Mini


Baby is swaddled throughout the entire session. These are perfect for those who want just a few images and very little fuss.


How it works

You’ve got enough going on, so let’s break down how the entire process works in simple steps.


  • Call, email or use the contact form below to let me know what your needs are and an approximate day and time for shooting.
  • Cement in your session based upon your due date.
  • Contact me to let me know when baby makes their arrival so we can adjust our day/time to be most accommodating to you.
  • Immediately following your session, we will review your images. You’ll pick out your favorites and order your favorite items that day.