Hi, it’s me, Mel.

(your photographer)

So there’s this weird thing that happens when I’m around babies where they start grinning. Something in the way their eyes light up transforms me into a big ole butterball of squeaky baby talk and silly faces.


I’ll let you in on a little secret: It works on grown ups too.


My reputation for picking on parents during family sessions is well earned. And I really hope you’re down to witness a tog-tantrum when your kiddo wont stop smiling even after I told em to knock it off.


For some reason everyone seems to like all of this nonsense and they keep asking me to hang out again and again. And again. Go figure.

Wait. What are they all saying about me?

Hello from Northern Minnesota!

Newborn / Studio Photography:

In my home or yours. Newborns are photographed within the first few weeks of birth.

All Other Photography:

On location within around 75 miles of Nett Lake Minnesota


Saturday or Sunday by appointment


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